Tierra del Mar Condominium

Engineer of Record for 30 YR Certification. Scope of Work entails waterproofing of balconies, replacement of Railings and screen enclosure systems, exterior envelope remediation and painting of buildings. Total cost of Construction $2M – $2.5M.

Grove at Grand Bay Condominium

Engineer of Record for Concrete Garage Waterproofing and Remediation. Performed GPR readings, concrete non-destructive testing, F.E.M Analysis of Elevated Garage Slab, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Design. Total cost of Construction $2M – $2.5M.

Zoi House

Engineer of Record for Pool Deck Restoration. Total cost of Construction $400k – $500k.

Bay House Miami Residences Condo

Engineer of Record for Concrete Restoration of Building Envelope and Waterproofing of Main Tower, Planter Remediation, Townhome Repairs and Roof Replacement. Total cost of Construction $2.5M – $3M.

Verena at Delray - Assisted Living Facility

Engineer of Record for Concrete Restoration of Building Envelope and Waterproofing. Total cost of Construction $890k.

Marriot Hutchinson Island

Projects to be completed: complete replacement of window and doors at main tower, Golf Club Slab Extension, Replacement of Railings, Remodeling F&B Court into SPA, Pool Plaza Deck new Design and Repair.

Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina

Engineer of Record for the 50 Yr Certification. Concrete Restoration of Main Hotel Tower, East and West Villas, and Employee Garage. Estimated total cost of Construction is $1.5M-$2M.
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